why bamboo

למה במבוק

why bamboo - 30,0000 kilometers, that’s why!

material bamboo steel aluminum titanium carbon
strength check_mark_2 yes very good very good very good
weight very good no yes very good very good
waterproof very good no yes very good yes
shockproof very good yes no very good yes
trembling proof very good yes no yes yes
breaking proof very good no no very good no
elastic very good yes yes yes yes
green very good no no no no
timeproof yes yes no very good no

* after special wax treating for the bamboo bike.

In order to explain more about how strong bamboo shield is, I want to tell you about a riding that anticipated by Just Notenbaum and Michael Rodenberg for 20 months, July 2010 until march 2012. This amazing adventure took them through 16 countries while riding 30,000 kilometers of adventures roads, mountains, snow, desert and rocks.

the trip started in the north pole and different areas while riding through Alaska desert and Canada, the pacific ocean north west forests, deserts, American rainforests, Andes in Bolivia and Peru, Patagonia and finally Antarctica. Since the cause of green environment was very important, they insisted to use the friendliest bicycles and hence they chose bamboo bike.

Yes, they were riding for 30,000km in the cold of Antartica, the heat of the desert and the bicycles were doing great, without any harm. They added ten kilograms of weight on the bicycles and they finished it successfully.