אופיר פרום

Hi, my name is Ophir From, 19 years within the Hi-tech industry. Until now I already established a few startups in different fields. The last one was on 2012 while focusing on increasing the efficiency of solar panels for water boiling and electricity consuming. The innovation was helped to increase the efficiency in 50-75% while producing hot water and electricity even in the winter.
one of my websites: Green Angle
Another project from 2010 in the area of energy efficiency improvement: Green Cache
As before that I established Web2P, which gives you the option to rewrite domain in different languages: Web2P
Nowadays IT manager in Ham-let group.

My thing with bamboo:

It started around 2009. As one that loves riding my bicycle (I was riding more than 250 km every week, mainly during the weekend) I always was looking for new ways to improve the experience. While combining it with loving and caring green environment I was constantly looking for a solution that can combine both, green nature and better riding experience.
few years before, I met Shaike (name) A kind retired that builds bicycles for years in Israel, all of the bicycles are costume made. Altogether I realized a few things:

  • costume made bicycles
  • environment friendly bicycles
  • light bicycles

what went out?
bamboo shield bicycle
When I did my market research I was in shock, it seems that bamboo bike was started to be created on 2000 and the price ranges are between 2500-5000 Euro.
Since the bicycles are light-weight and similar to carbon shield it is super expensive. I decided differently!